von Schweikert VR8

My present speakers von Schweikert VR8 from 1998, 230 kg each!
The price back then was the same as for an Audi A6…

Albert von Schweikert has a long history of making excellent speakers and the VR8
was the next largest model in -98. VR10 was it´s bigger brother.

They are easy to drive, 9 W is enough. But the can stand up to a 1000!

Frequency +/- 3 dB is 16 Hz – 35 kHz.
Bass: casted 13″ + 10″         Midrange: 2 handmade 5.5″            Tweeter: 2 Focal titan

White paper, data and reviews below.














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Design-theory                             Design criteria                       Construction (White paper)

Data all VR-speakers (1998)

Review Hifi o Musik (sw)  1   Page 2                                         High Fidelity (sw)  

Review HiFi o Musik, translated

American reviews, Stu´s place and others

Review FI magazine        


Home transportation from Karlskrona, a 900 km trip. The lower part of the speaker is a solid 190 kg. I managed to get them up on to the trailer, but called a moving company to get them off and into my house. Then placing 460 kg on to the living room floor was also a  challenge…

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